In 2017 we will present the play “Badehaus Boudoir” in Landsberg am Lech for our fifth anniversary.

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Badehaus BOUDOIR

For our fifth birthday we are preparing a special theater with dancing and singing. The scenery will be the notorious Boudoir.  Max von Theben and Emanuel Kasprowicz will direct the play and Lydia Dittlein will be the coreographer.


We can’t wait until you check into our Boudoir and we guarantee a storm of passion, vice and desire. 



We thank all of our supporters for their kind cooperation.


The making of a project is based on the interest and support of culture fans. We appreciate it very much !





Max von Theben and Julian Pietsch, friends since their childhood, wrote a theater play about isolation and exclusion. Later a movement out of this idea was born. 



Tickets can be purchased at Stadttheaterbüro Landsberg or `Reisebüro Vivell´. Tickets can be also purchased online. The premiere is on 31st of October.




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During the last years MARGINALS, THE SPOILT APPLE and THE GOD OF DREAMS have been successfully performed on stage. Join our picture galleries!